Warranty Procedure

We have a dedicated ‘Warranty Department’ who are available during business hours to offer support and assistance for customers and their scooters.

We can be contacted on 03 9017 6779. 

Whether it’s advice, tips or faulty parts – we are here to help! 

In the event that there is a defect with the scooter scooter, or part of the scooter, within the 3yr year warranty period, you must make a claim in the first instance to the place of purchase of the Scooter.

A  warranty  manufacturing defect  is if the item (or part of) is defective, the business will: repair or replace goods (or part of them, with the same or like part) resupply or fix the problem with advice and or service.  


  • Normal wear and tear or exposure to weather conditions over time - including but not limited to grip, deck tapes, wheels , brakes and bearings. 
  • Accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, vandalism, alteration, modification or substitution. 
  • Failure to ensure proper and regular maintenance of the scooter strictly in accordance with the Madd Gear instruction manual. 
  • Non-observance of any warnings supplied by Madd Gear or detailed on or in the packaging of the scooter 

In order to assess your warranty claim or fault in a timely manner, we will require the following information to be sent to ausupport@maddgear.com

  • Make/Model of the scooter purchased 
  • Receipt of purchase 
  • A brief explanation of the fault.  
  • Photos to assist with explaining the claim (we also accept short video uploads too!)  

Once all the information has been received – our warranty team will endeavor to contact you within 24-48hrs (please allow longer if you are emailing outside business hours/public holidays or have not provided all the required documents to support your claim. 

Madd Gear has the right to reject any warranty claim made by a Purchaser

  • if proof of purchase is not provided.
  • if it does not fall within the warranty period.
  • if the purchaser does not advise Madd Gear in writing within a reasonable timeframe to minimise further problems with the Scooter.

You can also few our Maintenance  and HELP Sheets  .These are handy to help keep your scooter in tip top condition. 

Please refer to the ‘Website Terms & Conditions’ for further information.